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In a world of evolving risks, businesses need a stable, adaptive insurance partner to help protect the things that matter most. Because the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow are too complex to address alone.


Liberty is here for you. Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Using technology to help keep workers safe

Employees are a company’s best asset. Protecting people from on-the-job-injury is key to the success of any business. But how? At Liberty Mutual we’re harnessing the power of technology to help reduce workplace injuries.

Many workplace injuries occur while workers are moving materials in a non-ergonomic way, putting them at risk of over-exertion and injury. Statistics show that these type of events cost US businesses more than $13B a year in workers compensation claims.

To help employers better protect their workers and reduce risks, Liberty Mutual partnered with Kinetica Labs to develop the Ergo Valuator app. This user-friendly technology gives LM risk control consultants a real-time video view into customers’ workplaces and the chance to observe people performing tasks. Using an AI model, information from the video is assessed and analyzed to gauge the likelihood of injury. LM experts use the analyses to recommend practical solutions to reduce the risk of injury.

Heralded as a significant advance in evidence-based tools and winner of a 2021 Business Insurance Innovation Award, Ergo Valuator empowers employers with technology to help keep workers safe.

Providing creative solutions for businesses on the move

Disruptive, technology-enabled business models are driving dramatic changes in the economy, especially in the logistics, transportation, and mobility sector.

With more than one in ten (13%) Canadians saying they participated in the gig workforce in 2021, and autonomous vehicle capabilities making their way onto public roads, the opportunity is huge and the stakes are high. These evolving business models need creative and flexible insurance solutions to operate and foster trust from platform operators, providers, and users alike.

Liberty is addressing these opportunities head-on in partnership with our customers, brokers, and some of the world’s leading mobility experts. Our dedicated Sharing Economy & New Mobility team is working with the two leading ridesharing companies, as well as other clients and partners at the forefront of new mobility and autonomous vehicles, to ensure innovative risk management solutions address today’s unique exposures and position us for a safer, more efficient future.

Together. We boost innovation.

Meeting a crisis with creative solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained industries in Canada in unprecedented ways. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and communities, have been overwhelmed by the many challenges created by the virus.

The shortage of medical supplies and facilities that could accommodate the spread of COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic created a significant challenge. Across North America, healthcare providers and government bodies looked to convert stadiums and convention centres into usable space to care for patients, and sought help from manufacturers to create much needed N95 masks and other personal protective equipment. Crucial to the success of this solution was finding an insurance partner who would step up and provide specialized coverage for pandemic-related risks.

So when the need arose, our team did just that, providing the compassion and expertise to help deliver solutions to bolster the resilience of alternative care sites, and modified manufacturing facilities across the country.

Working hand in hand with our equally committed broker partners, we underwrote and provided key risk mitigation strategies to our customers that were looking to pivot their operations to help fight COVID-19. These partnerships allowed our customers to provide care for their community even amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.

Together. We do the right thing.

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