Products and solutions

Our products and solutions are delivered by underwriters and risk engineers who know how to deconstruct risk and customize insurance-based solutions. No matter how complex, straight forward, or niche your needs are, we bring thoughtful insurance solutions and exceptional customer service to each and every risk.

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Commercial lines

When it comes to seamlessly managing complex commercial risk, we're setting a new Canadian standard.

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Crisis Management

We offer a variety of coverage that can respond when you need it most.

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Cross-Border Solutions

We partner with U.S. affiliates and have the ability to place U.S. Property, Casualty, Auto, and Workers Compensation insurance.

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Energy and Construction

We're well known experts in the art of handling complex risks.

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With the number of complex environmental regulations on the rise, companies and organizations need specialized environmental insurance to stay protected.

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For many corporations, the use of a self-insured retention or a captive insurance company is an essential part of their risk management strategy.

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The marine industry's unique and complex issues require specialized insurance solutions.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions: Liberty Mutual’s dedicated mergers and acquisitions (M&A) unit, Liberty Global Transaction Solutions (GTS), is one of the largest global M&A insurance teams in the industry.

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Business moves fast, which means bonding needs are often time-sensitive and critical to meeting a business goal.

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