Leadership team

Rob Marsh

Robert Marsh, President, Liberty Mutual Canada

Robert Marsh, President, Liberty Mutual Canada, brings a passion for collaboration and innovation to his role.

“Clients and brokers benefit from Liberty Mutual Canada’s entrepreneurial culture, local autonomy over underwriting decisions and can also leverage our affiliation with the broader Liberty Mutual Group,” Robert says. “We focus on forming market leading partnerships by finding holistic solutions that bring together multiple product lines.”

Robert adds that Liberty Mutual Canada is very nimble in terms of the way the company transacts business and makes decisions, which makes it stand out from the competition.

Jessica Seppi

Jessica Seppi, Senior Vice President, Chief Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Jessica Seppi, Senior Vice President, Chief Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, has more than 20 years of industry experience with a varied background, including claims, underwriting, in-house legal, compliance and regulatory work.

“My role at Liberty Mutual Canada stretches beyond the company’s overall compliance oversight, and also includes providing legal support and advice, as well as regulatory and strategic advice to all of the underwriting groups, senior management and other corporate departments”, says Jessica. “Providing these services to all of my business clients is key to the overall service we bring to our brokers and insureds.”

Leanne Desai

Leanne Desai, Senior Vice President, Head of Claims

Leanne Desai, Senior Vice President, Head of Claims has over 20 years of insurance experience, successfully leading claims teams committed to providing first-in-class service.

Leanne leads a team of claim professionals that are experts in their fields, with in-house lawyers and complex claim specialists experienced in handling claims and litigation in various lines of business and across many jurisdictions. Local authority and collaboration with our underwriting partners allow our claims team to effectively and efficiently manage claims with a commitment to excellent results.

“Our claims team at Liberty is truly dedicated to providing excellent service, ensuring that we are there to deliver on the promise that we sell to our customers and brokers,” says Leanne. “Our claim professionals have the technical expertise needed to service our unique business. They are also empowered to collaborate and build relationships, make decisions and come up with creative solutions to complex claims issues.”

Sandy Bernier

Sandy Bernier, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Services

Hiring the right people, in the right role, at the right time, is a key area of focus for Sandy Bernier, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Services.

“People are Liberty Mutual Canada’s greatest asset. Many organizations say this, but this belief is firmly rooted in everything Liberty Mutual Canada does. We have an open, collaborative culture that encourages teamwork and creative thinking and ideas.” Sandy says, “Not only does this play a key role in Liberty Mutual Canada’s strong financial results, but this also makes it an exciting place to work.”

Ongoing learning and career development is something Sandy is passionate about. She adds that, “At Liberty Mutual Canada, we are committed to educating and developing our employees and we have a strong promote-from-within environment that recognizes this.”

When you join Liberty Mutual Canada, you are not just starting a job – you are starting a satisfying and rewarding career. “We look for top talent. Those seeking excellence with drive, passion and energy and with a creative and entrepreneurial mindset” says Sandy.

Todd Armstrong

Todd Armstrong, Executive Vice President, Head of Underwriting

With a background in both claims and underwriting, Todd Armstrong brings a unique perspective to his role as Executive Vice President, Head of Underwriting. With this dual background, he encourages his team to understand the practical application of a contract and how it meets the needs of Liberty Mutual Canada’s insureds. “For a broker and insured, contract relevance and certainty is paramount,” Todd explains.

He adds: “We aim to understand the client’s needs first, and then introduce products and solutions that meet those needs, all while placing emphasis on eliminating ambiguities within the language of the contract.”

The end result is peace of mind for brokers when it comes to the placement of insurance with Liberty Mutual Canada. “We give brokers confidence that Liberty Mutual Canada understands the risk and has the expertise to customize coverage to meet the insured’s needs,” Todd says.

Walter Fransen

Walter Fransen, Senior Vice President & Chief Actuary

After more than 25 in the insurance industry, mostly in commercial lines and reinsurance, Walter Fransen, Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary, knows how important the right corporate culture is to the success of an organization. “I’m very impressed with the people and the culture of Liberty Mutual Canada. There is a strong sense of teamwork, collaboration combined with a high degree of professionalism, where everyone is working on a common goal – to exceed our customers’ expectations,” says Walter.

Walter adds, “The actuary’s job is to make sense out of random insurance data, using analytics to find the underlying structure, based on the patterns we observe in the data. The Actuarial team works with claims experience to understand the client’s history, then working together with the underwriters to apply that claims history and understand the current risk profile of the client. This ensures we come up with the right price and solutions for that client, which is critical to the success of the business.”