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Chemicals and petrochemicals

Find coverage that reacts when you need it to.

Chemicals and petrochemicals facilities are complex and specialized risks. The severity risk for companies is higher than most industries so finding the correct coverage is key. Liberty’s experienced underwriting team is able to provide custom solutions and understand the complexities and details of your operations.

In addition, we have local risk control and claims staff who bring industry insight, experience and expertise. Risk control specialists can consult to identify and mitigate risk factors while our claims staff has a long history of defending claims and protecting our clients.

A protective partnership

Target classes

  • Ammonia/methanol/fertilizer plants
  • Ethylene and various petrochemical production plants
  • Ethanol/biofuel production
  • Industrial chemicals and gases; gas storage
  • Terminals and tankage

Why Liberty

  • M. Best rating of “A”; Standard & Poor’s rating of “A”
  • Strong claims reputation for mutual cooperation and sophistication in Canada with a claims team staffed with lawyers
  • Global market presence
  • Local authority and significant capacity
  • Risk engineering and risk control specialists who are able to consult on risk factors
  • Underwriters who understand the complexities and details of this market

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