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Risk Services

Our approach

At Liberty Mutual Canada, we have an integrated team model that partners Risk Services, Underwriting and Claims to ensure seamless support for our clients. Our expert and experienced Risk Services team is here to help companies safeguard against risk.

Through our knowledge and insights, and by conducting risk assessments, we empower our underwriting teams and help our customers protect themselves against the risk of property damage, liability claims and injuries to employees, customers and others.

Our team

Our customers benefit from the local expertise that comes from having risk control consultants and/or engineers in our offices across Canada. Our team members are active in industry and safety associations and are educated in the fields of safety, environmental, risk control and engineering. Many have years of experience working in the industries they support, giving them a deep understanding of the complexities and subtleties of those industries.

Our highly qualified risk consultants and engineers have years of experience in both insurance and industry (mining, civil, construction, power generation, process industries, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, infrastructure, rail transport, marine transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, wholesale, retail, real estate, professional services as well as workplace health and safety.

Our resources

As our customers’ and underwriters’ trusted advisor and valued partner, we strive to be proactive with a solution-oriented mindset, utilizing our collective expertise providing knowledge, assessments, and service.

Knowledge and insights

Through training, presentations, meetings, consultations, risk alerts, development of additional tools and resources, we assist in the transfer of knowledge, thought leadership and insights on a variety of industries and their risks and controls associated with their products, processes, premises.


Through risk assessments and evaluations (consultations, desk & phone reviews, virtual assessments, and site visits), we will assist our underwriters assess the quality of prospective and existing insured’s risk management practices, as well as provide technical guidance on risk exposures. We will also validate underwriter’s view of risk through deeper analysis of products, premises, and processes.


We will assist our customers assess their risk exposures, conduct systems analysis, help create integrated solutions to reduce overall cost of risk, and measure impact of performance.

*Services may vary depending on account size and coverage type. Please contact your broker for more information.