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Liberty Mutual SafetyNet™

Liberty Mutual SafetyNet™ is a one-stop online destination for safety tools, training, and resources to help improve workplace safety, reduce the cost of risk, and follow nationally recognized standards. All Liberty Mutual Canada policyholders have exclusive complimentary access to SafetyNet.


Let our risk control consultants help you.

Tools and resources

SafetyNet can help prevent incidents across entire organizations, saving them time, money, and resources. Some of the tools and assets available to policyholders include:

  • Safety research – reference notes, model safety plans
  • Self-assessment tools – safety checklists, audit forms, and inspection reports
  • Safety training – webinars, workshops, and classroom seminars for all levels of experience
  • Newsletters – industry-specific and general safety
  • Return to work programs – transitional job duties and U.S. workers’ compensation fraud
  • Regulatory resources – Compliance tools, OSHA-related materials, and U.S. government resources

Risk control expertise at your fingertips

Help to prevent incidents by identifying areas of risk and building programs to address them. SafetyNet provides easy access to the latest research and thousands of download-and-deploy materials including:

  • Industry pages designed to help with the unique needs of your business, offering tailored assessment tools, references, and solution guides
  • Safety programs applicable to any industry — including disaster preparedness, business continuity, and crisis management information

Complimentary safety training

SafetyNet offers access to dozens of instructor-led webinars and classroom sessions. Safety training is available for all levels of experience on a wide variety of topics, from safe driving techniques to safety committees. Specific loss areas and risk-reduction programs are discussed in an open forum, whether online or in person.

Our consulting center can answer your questions, help you find safety materials, or review the potential impact of your loss-mitigation efforts. Only a phone call or an email away, our knowledgeable specialists are experienced and responsive. Our advice is backed by more than 100 years of experience and grounded in the latest research.

Contact us

For more information about Liberty Mutual SafetyNet™, please click here, or contact the Risk Control Consulting Centre at 866-757-7324, or by email at mailto:rcconsultingcenter@libertymutual.com.