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Self-insured retention (S.I.R.)

Self-insured retention or captive insurance can be an essential aspect of risk management.

If your organization has decided to explore self-insured retention, make sure you have the necessary administration and services in place for success.

Our Self-Insured Retention program allows corporations to seek this creative solution with confidence. With our fronting services team, experienced claims managers, and risk engineers supporting your business goals, we help minimize your corporation’s total costs.

A protective partnership

Solutions for complex risks

For many corporations, the use of a self-insured retention or a captive insurance company is an essential part of their risk management strategy. While these strategies provide insureds with proven benefits, there is still a need for related administration and services. Fronting services combine fronting with established value underwriting, quality claims management and risk control services to help minimize a corporation’s total cost.


Companies wishing to retain and fund losses via their cash flow while reducing risk transfer costs. Coverage can be tailored to meet the insured’s needs.

Policy highlights


  • Singular point-of-contact for all fronted coverage lines and administration (including globally admitted policy issuance)
  • Flexible policy limits (dependent on type and amount of collateral)
  • Standalone fronting placements
  • Risk transfer placements, where needed coordinated with other Liberty units
  • Underwriting expertise, including policy form review and pricing guidance
  • Industry standard and/or manuscript policy forms
  • Access to over 90 countries via Liberty Mutual Group or strategic partners
  • Claims administration by insured considered subject to acceptable experience levels and appropriate third party administrator/legal counsel availability


  • Cash and/or letter of credit
  • Amount and type required based on the specific characteristics of the fronting placement

Fronting fee

  • Negotiable (subject to $10,000 minimum), plus applicable premium taxes, boards & bureau charges
  • Claims administration fee to be charged in addition to fronting fee where Liberty administering claims


Dependent on type and amount of collateral provided.

Informational requirements for fronted program

  • Full underwriting submission (including loss history)
  • Proposed policy and other related contracts
  • Audited financials for insured (or entity providing indemnity)
  • Other to be advised, as specific to fronting program under consideration

Our difference

  • Servicing the Canadian market since 1996, providing fronting and other alternative risk management solutions
  • Experience in numerous industry sectors, including petro-chemical and manufacturing
  • Seamless experience for brokers and insures via a single point of contact
  • Access to services in over 90 countries via Liberty Mutual Group offices, as well as its strategic partners

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Liberty Mutual Canada™ is the registered business name under which the Canadian branch of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company operates in Canada. This literature is a summary only and does not include all terms, conditions, or exclusions of the coverage described. Please refer to the actual policy language for complete details of coverage and exclusions.