Loaded cargo ship in harbour

Project cargo

Large infrastructure projects require incredibly complex planning and construction.

When damage to critical materials or heavy-lift cargo happens, the resulting delays can be financially disastrous for the project owners and contractors. That’s why Liberty provides specialized Project Cargo coverage.

Designed to mitigate potential costs of cargo delays and damage, our Project Cargo coverage provides comprehensive transportation insurance that help keep your project on track. And our worldwide team integrates specialized risk engineering and claims management into every policy, taking a holistic approach to risk.

A protective partnership

Solutions for complex risks

During the transportation and construction phases of multimillion-dollar infrastructure projects, delays due to damage of critical materials, or to custom-built, heavy-lift cargo can have disastrous effects. At Liberty Mutual Insurance, our Project Cargo coverage provides comprehensive transportation insurance, integrated risk engineering services and a unique worldwide team approach that helps clients mitigate their exposure to the risk of costly cargo delays and damage.

Target classes

  • Bridge expansion
  • Mining
  • Offshore installation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Power generation
  • Terminal expansion projects
  • Transportation challenges unique to isolated venues (oil sands, ice roads)
  • Underground rail/tunneling equipment

Policy highlights

  • Immediate capacity of $100 million for Project Cargo
  • Policy forms and coverages tailored to specific needs
  • Consequential loss coverage (DSU, ALOP)




Our difference

  • Liberty‘s highly experienced in-house team take a focused and holistic look at each project, to reduce the likelihood of unexpected (and costly) surprises and ensure that the project has the proper amount of policy coverage and risk protection
  • Superior knowledge of DSU/ALOP
  • Tailored coverage for multinational risks, including locally admitted policies
  • In-house engineering staff with significant field experience

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